At VI-grade, we develop software products and we provide engineering services that allow our aircraft customers to perform a broad range of analysis for determining loads for landing, takeoff, taxi, and other dynamic events.  Our customers use our solutions to understand the dynamic behavior of the aircraft to design better shock struts, shimmy dampers, brakes, and steering systems.

Our aircraft products are based on the state-of-the-art multibody simulation product Adams from MSC Software, combined with our own industry expertise and experience in aircraft loads, landing gear design and test, and certification requirements to enable accurate and reliable simulations to meet today's challenges of the aircraft industry, including fixed wing and rotary wing, manned and unmanned, large carrier and personal aircraft.

VI-grade solutions allow to perform the following applications:

Ground loads determination Multi-objective optimization
Braking and rejected takeoff
Shimmy analysis and rejected design
Retraction/extensionGround maneuvering
Steering control
Ground vibration analysis
Tie-down analysis
Runway design
Strut design and energy analysis  

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