Jürgen Fett

Before starting VI-grade GmbH, Jürgen Fett was Regional Director Germany of LMS Deutschland GmbH. In this position, he held full responsibility for all German sales activities of LMS Germany.

Prior to LMS Germany, he served as Vice President Northern Europe for MSC.Software, where he was responsible for the northern European business activities of the company, including the UK and Scandinavian markets. When MSC.Software acquired Mechanical Dynamics in 2002, Jürgen Fett held the position of Vice President European Operations at Mechanical Dynamics Inc. commitment

Being one of the founders of the Mechanical Dynamics GmbH, Jürgen Fett held various management positions within the company. From 1992 till 1997 he was Managing Director of Mechanical Dynamics GmbH and in 1998 became Vice President European Operations for Mechanical Dynamics Inc. Jürgen Fett started his career in the CAE business in 1986, when he became product manager for (now) MSC.ADAMS™ at the Tedas GmbH.

Diego Minen

Prior to the foundation of VI-grade, Diego Minen was director of the Special Projects Group within the Product Development organization of MSC.Software. In this position, he was fully responsible for many international product development initiatives within MSC.Software, among others ADAMS/SmartDriver™, ADAMS/Motorsports™, ADAMS/MotorCycle™, ADAMS/Rail™, ADAMS/Ride™, ADAMS/Driveline™

Before MSC.Software aquired Mechanical Dynamics in 2000, Diego Minen was European Technical Manager and Worldwide Technical Coordinator at Mechanical Dynamics. He was acting as the Product Manager for ADAMS/Flex™ and ADAMS/AutoFlex™, and was the initiator of ADAMS/Durability™.

During the period 1994–1998 he has been country manager of Mechanical Dynamics Srl. Italy and prior to that he was responsible for sales and consulting activities at Tedas Srl.
After receiving his degree master in mechanical engineering (automotive vehicle design) in 1982 at the Politecnico of Milan he has worked for some years in a consulting company, specialized in FE and MB analysis.

Diego Minen has published over 20 papers on the topics of FE, MB, Controls and the integration of the different diciplines.

Christoph Ortmann

Prior to joining the VI-grade GmbH Christoph Ortmann was Business Development Director, for the automotive industry at MSC.Software. In this position he was responsible for advising the industry business development global discipline teams, to drive pipeline and revenue growth, and for the development of sales and marketing material, financial metric reporting, and partner development. When MSC.Software acquired Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. in 2000, Christoph Ortman held the position of Development Director. After working as consultant in the service organization of MDI he moved into the development organization where he was leading the ADAMS/Engine development team and managed several industry consortia resulting in software solutions targeted at specific industry applications.

Before joining MDI, Christoph Ortmann was Staff Engineer at the Research Department of Daimler-Benz AG, Stuttgart, where he developed methods for shift process assessment for heavy truck gear boxes and created an easy-to-use ADAMS based tool for the simulation of the synchronization process.

Christoph Ortmann received his degree in mechanical engineering in 1996 from the University of Applied Science in Rüsselsheim, Germany. Within the last years he presented and published more than 15 papers in technical journals and at technical conferences.

Patrick McNally 


Prior to the foundation of VI-grade, Patrick McNally was Senior Director, Industry Business Development at MSC.Software.  In this position, he was responsible for leading the Industry Business Development group to drive revenue growth, product creation, industry partnerships, and industry focused marketing direction with the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, medical, rail, supply chain, and general industries.

Before MSC.Software acquired Mechanical Dynamics in 2002, Patrick McNally was Director, Industry Marketing where he developed the portfolio approach to drive vertical markets.  As Aerospace Industry Manager, he systematically increased market share of (now) MSC.ADAMS in the aerospace industry from 20% to over 70%.  As Director, Product Development, he created and managed the development of the ADAMS/Aircraft and ADAMS/Controls products.

Before joining Mechanical Dynamics in 1991, Patrick McNally was Program Manager at Canopus Systems and KMS Fusion, high tech space instrumentation startup companies.  He led the development and support of the Orbital Acceleration Research Experiment (OARE), a nano-g sensitivity accelerometer system for the NASA space shuttle. The OARE instrument successfully accomplished over 11 missions on Shuttle Columbia and was recognized with three NASA recognition awards.  From 1981-1986, he was a Member, Technical Staff at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, where he received NASA Group Achievement Awards for his work in spacecraft system design and fault protection design on Project Galileo-Jupiter.   

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