2019 News - 18 December

Maserati hosts winners of 2019 VI-grade’s Virtual Formula Initiative at recently opened INNOVATION LAB in Modena, Italy

2019 News - 5 December

VI-grade Announces 2020 Edition of its International Conference

2019 News - 18 November

Envision Virgin Racing Completes Silverstone Expansion Programme Ahead of Formula E Season Six Opener

2019 News - 12 November

Maserati opens the doors to its Innovation Lab - featuring a STATIC Simulator and a DiM250 Dynamic Driving Simulator

2019 News - 7 November

VI-grade and Rescale Offer On-Demand, Pay-Per-Use Software on HPC in the Cloud Platform

2019 News - 16 October

VI-grade and Konrad Technologies announce collaboration for “DiL with Sensor Fusion Test” method

2019 News - 2 October

FCA Automotive Research & Development Centre Houses DiM250, Most Advanced Driving Simulator in North America

2019 News - 14 August

Applus+ IDIADA integrates virtual and physical testing with 2 new VI-grade driving simulators

2019 News - 25 July

Driving Simulators from VI-grade play an essential role in race preparation for Formula E

2019 News - 3 June

VI-grade announces Official Review of 2019 International Conference

2019 News - 23 May

VI-grade and Multimatic to Establish Advanced Vehicle Development and Driving Simulation Center

2019 News - 21 May

VI-grade and Konrad Technologies announce collaboration for new test method “DiL with Sensor Fusion Test”

2019 News - 2 May

VI-grade releases v19.0 product suite

2019 News - 6 March

VI-grade Announces First Round of Sponsors and Speakers of its 2019 International Conference

2019 News - 12 February

VI-grade announces keynote speech from professional driver Lucas Di Grassi at 2019 International Conference

2019 News - 6 February

Envision Virgin Racing to install cutting-edge race simulator from VI-grade in its expanded Silverstone headquarters