Custom Driving Simulators

Where custom simulators, advanced motion systems, and immersive cockpits converge for unparalleled simulation excellence

Experience the pinnacle of simulation technology with VI-grade's custom solutions, tailored from design through to construction and realisation.

Our expertise extends to creating intricate dome structures using carbon fibre materials and integrating projection systems to enhance your simulation experience.

Notably, we were instrumental in the design of the motion system and structural elements for Daimler AG's state-of-the-art driving simulator in Sindelfingen, while we also played a role in the modernisation of Renault S.A.S.'s simulator in 2011.

Benefit from our extensive experience in the design and implementation of advanced linear guidance and motion systems.

Our solutions range from traditional rolling element linear motion mechanisms to advanced air lubricated bearing systems with lengths exceeding 40 metres and capacities exceeding 400 kN.

These systems, coupled with powerful linear drives, provide unparalleled mobility and ensure precise and dynamic simulation performance.

Unlock the potential of immersive simulation environments with VI-grade's expertise in creating bespoke simulation cockpits.

Whether assembling vehicle cabins or mock-ups, our solutions integrate seamlessly with motion systems to deliver a holistic simulation experience.

Count on us for comprehensive support in adapting to your simulation needs, from cockpit construction to environment integration.

    Applications (TO BE UPDATED)

    Vehicle Dynamics
    • Chassis tuning (vehicle dynamic targets)
    • Tire development
    • Driver’s training
    • Control system design (SIL & HIL)
    Ride & Comfort
    • Chassis tuning (Ride & Comfort Targets)
    • A to B comparison
    • ​Off-line results (from experimental test and/or multibody simulations) playback
    ADAS & AV
    • ADAS development & verification (AEB, LKA, ACC, …)
    • Dangerous maneuvers simulation
    • AV algorithms development & verification
    • HMI studies
    • Driver’s distraction and monitoring
    • ​Human – systems interactions
    • Race set up
    • Hybrid and race strategy
    • Driver’s training
    • Car development

    Benefits (TO BE UPDATED)

    • Even more workspace (freely adjustable to customer needs thanks to cable-based design)
    • Longer exposure to steady-state acceleration (capable of lane change at 1:1 motion cueing)
    • Better immersion through improved motion envelope shape under combined loading
    • Much larger yaw range while maintaining velocity and acceleration performances on an even larger workspace
    • Bigger heave for a better vertical feel
    • Active vibration control through a patented Inertia Compensation System

    Interested in our Custom Driving Simulators?

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