The dedicated software tool for hydro and rubber mount design

VI-MXmountdesigner is a tool to design or derive model parameters from test data for high-end hydro and rubber mount models capturing the amplitude and frequency dependent behaviour.

VI-MXmount provides the plugin to integrate these components into ADAMS and other platforms.


  • Elastomer/rubber mount design
  • Hydromount design
  • Analyse and benchmark competitive designs
  • Durability analysis
  • Comfort and NVH analysis
  • Suited for parameter optimization within ADAMS


  • Derive parameters and visualize model parameters for hydro and rubber mount models
  • Valid for a wide amplitude and frequency range
  • Adjustable model complexity depending on data availability and task
  • Automatically generate component property files
  • Easy integration in ADAMS/Car models via replace functionality
  • Fully integrated in database concept

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