Push your car to the limit, test it in the harshest conditions and train your drivers on highly realistic tracks so you can win the race.

Motorsports is the purest expression of vehicle design. Winning drives uncompromising performance to put your team on the podium.

All motorsport teams have to cope with serious challenges in order to win, challenges like extremely limited race preparation time, highly restrictive regulatory bodies that limit tests to specific times of the season, and in some cases, the unavailability of or inaccessibility to tracks before a race (like Formula E).

Add to these challenges increasingly complex powertrains and advanced controller systems and you get vastly more possibilities and far more available setups that all need to be tested and finely tuned. On top of all this, you still need to take into account the different driver’s styles.
A VI-grade Driving Simulator helps you address these challenges. Its realism and high quality immersion let drivers "learn the track" with high quality immersion, helping to achieve accurate lap times. Together with the race engineer, driver feedback and simulator-based telemetry can help navigate vehicle setup options.

Gain time off track to gain time on track with faster optimization of the chassis setup and experimenting with a wider range of setups. This lets you can simultaneously accomplish driver training, both of the track and of the vehicle.
A typical Driving Simulator configuration for Motorsport studies consists of:
  • A STATIC or full-motion DYNAMIC Simulator – Most VI-grade customers have both to test and tune different types of systems
  • A cockpit obtained from a real race car, which helps increase realism and immersion of the driving experience and helps test all different devices installed in the cockpit
  • Active systems such as belts, seat, brake and shakers, which add additional cues to the driver
  • Sensors, controllers and ECUs can also be added both in form of Software-in-the-Loop or Hardware-in-the-Loop


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