Driving improvements in vehicle performance

Based on Adams Car, the leading software for vehicle dynamic simulations, VI-Automotive enables engineers to take into account all characteristics of vehicles and their components such as tires, suspensions, engine, and driveline.

The aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle are also included in the model and are efficiently stored in a parameterized database to enable fast simulations and design studies.

The vehicle running condition are automatically adjusted to match the desired target in terms of trimming height as well as of camber, toe, caster, cross weight, etc. 

A comprehensive library of suspension architecture is part of the VI-Automotive shared database allowing the end user to build easily different class of vehicles like city cars as well as formula cars.

The vehicle can be driven on a 2D or 3D road/track profile by a sophisticated driving program able to push the vehicle to its limits but also to compute structural loads and component durability.

VI-Automotive allows engineering teams to analyze quickly and efficiently a number of design alternatives and to generate performance predictions of the model and its subsystems on different kind of test rigs and on a user-defined driving missions along virtual proving grounds or race tracks.


  • Simulation of high performance and production vehicles
  • Quick and intuitive interface through the Template/Subsystem architecture
  • Easy data management through data libraries
  • Any type of 2D or 3D road profile (including the CRG standard)
  • Cross-correlation of all individual components
  • Full support of several specialized modules for FEA, Hydraulics, Control Systems and other concurrent disciplines
  • Various types of maneuvers for complete virtual testing
  • Convenient method for reviewing results in all their details in a familiar fashion for all engineers


  • Make design decisions in the shortest time possible at minimum cost
  • Cut cost by reducing the number of prototypes
  • Save time in the testing process by increasing the number tests in the virtual world before physical testing on the real track
  • Beat the competition by finding the optimal set-up and advancing technology faster

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