Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Evaluate your HMI solutions with a real vehicle cockpit and dashboard and develop new interfaces in a controlled and easy-to-modify environment.

Accurate Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design is critical both for shaping the customer’s vehicle perception and for optimizing vehicle usability.

In the ADAS/AD age, HMI has become far more challenging for designers, as more and more new features and functions are added to the vehicle cockpit. This exponentially increases the levels of interaction between driver and machine.

Increasing HMI complexity, however, can contribute to driver distraction while in the cockpit. As a result, HMI designers need to ensure that all vehicle devices are quickly accessible, intuitive and easy to use.
VI-grade provides state-of-the-art Driving Simulators with fully-outfitted cockpits. This allows HMI studies to be run in fully immersive events and settings such as highway, urban, countryside or parking lot. All these scenarios can be tested -  quickly, safely and repeatably.

Using a Driving Simulator allows 24/7 testing with engineers or public test subjects. Barriers like weather and vehicle maintenance are removed, enabling the most rapid and accurate test environment. And, with a controlled scenario, customer feedback and design changes can be more clearly quantified, helping accelerate development and reducing cost.

Finally, virtual dashboards enable rapid design changes to be built and tested with as little as a few keystrokes.
A typical Driving Simulator configuration for HMI studies consists of:
  • A STATIC Simulator, which is is a good choice to evaluate and optimize HMI studies
  • A cockpit from a real car, which helps increase the realism and immersion of the driving experience
  • Control system and other devices can also be added both as Software-in-the-Loop or Hardware-in-the-Loop
  • Devices collecting biosignals are also interfaced with the vehicle simulator to synchronize vehicle parameters with human signals

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