Accurately experience vibration at all driver touch points, together with sound, in a small footprint

The COMPACT NVH Simulator provides accurate, calibrated, multi-axial vibration at all driver touchpoints, enabling a complete NVH experience.​

For many NVH phenomena, vibration is a key element, and both sound and vibration need to be assessed at the same time, at accurate levels, to make a correct evaluation and decision about the acoustic and tactile character of the vehicle. The COMPACT NVH Simulator makes this possible.​

Coupled with the NVH Simulator software, the COMPACT NVH Simulator brings NVH Virtual Prototypes to life, making it easy to understand and evaluate NVH data and make decisions on NVH designs and content​.

Carbon fiber is used extensively in the COMPACT NVH Simulator to achieve an exceptionally stiff structure capable of delivering controlled, accurate vibration to the evaluator. ​

The steering wheel is also made of carbon fiber. With its extremely low mass and high stiffness, it has no rim modes below 200Hz, which makes it possible to provide controlled and accurate steering wheel vibration.​

Seven independent inputs deliver vibration to the driver through the seat, steering wheel and floor pan. The design of the system maximizes the isolation of the seven distinct axes of vibration from one another, enabling high accuracy and real-time driver-in-the-loop simulation. Embedded accelerometers for each axis of vibration enable easy calibration and real-time feedback and monitoring of vibration levels.​

The COMPACT NVH Simulator utilizes the same vibration system as the full-size STATIC NVH Simulator, providing the same vibration and sound capability in a much smaller footprint. ​

The COMPACT NVH Simulator is available with either an immersive visual system comprising a projector and large curved screen, or a space-saving smaller flat-panel screen visual system, enabling an even smaller footprint.​

A steering wheel with paddle shifters, pedals, a console-mounted shifter, dash screen and console-mounted touchscreen enable driver input, interaction and feedback with the virtual NVH prototype simulations.​


    • Experience vibration + sound results of CAE models and hybrid CAE/Test-based models​
    • Powertrain vibration + sound – Idle, WOT, cylinder deactivation, start-stop, etc.​
    • Road vibration + sound – smooth road, rough road, impact events​
    • A/B comparisons between vehicles or designs with instant switching​


    • Experience of vibration of virtual NVH prototypes, together with sound​
    • Enables communication of “Vibration + Sound” characteristics to development engineers, managers and others who need to know​
    • Minimal space requirements​

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