NVH Active Sound Design

Design and experience the right sound for your vehicle

How do you create interior soundscapes and exterior vehicle sounds that convey vehicle character and brand DNA without spending countless hours in a vehicle on the road?

How do you break the time-consuming cycle of “design in studio”, then “try in a car”, then repeat?

By coupling sound design software and the VI-NVHSim software in real-time, sound designs can be experienced interactively, in the correct context of all vehicle sounds generated by road, wind, powertrain and other sources, at a desktop NVH Simulator. This software-in-the-loop application is enabled by the VI-NVHSim XiL Streaming Bridge or specific interfaces for sound design software toolsets.

VI-grade has partnered with Blackberry® QNX® to provide the full-featured LiveAMP™ Active Sound Design (ASD) toolset integrated with the VI-NVHSim software for real-time design and experience of ASD sounds.

Create your sound in the LiveAMP software, then experience this in the context of all other vehicle sounds and with the dynamic driving conditions of a vehicle. NVH virtual prototypes and VI-NVHSim models provide an immersive, ultra-realistic acoustic experience on the desktop, in which ASD sounds can be properly experienced, developed, and fine-tuned in real-time.

The QNX LiveAMP software runs in parallel with the VI-NVHSim. Driving inputs and vehicle performance parameters from the VI-NVHSim are fed to the LiveAMP software, and the ASD sound is generated and then played back through the VI-NVHSim together with the rest of the vehicle sound. Different ASD sounds and concepts can be compared back to back, easily switching between multiple designs with a single click in the VI-NVHSim. Sounds can be further filtered, adjusted and modified in the VI-NVHSim. For example, to evaluate the impact of the AVAS speaker on interior sound quality, the AVAS speaker ASD sound can be combined with the transfer function from the speaker location near the front of the vehicle to the driver or passenger ear.

The QNX ASD playback and LiveAMP toolset are available to all VI-NVHSim users at no additional cost. Further, the ASD tools can be used with any version of NVH Simulator, including the DESKTOP NVH Simulator, Exterior Sound Simulator, On-Road NVH Simulator and STATIC NVH Simulator.


  • Sound design for interior sound enhancement for EVs
  • Sound design for interior engine sound enhancement
  • Exterior sound design for AVAS
  • Exterior sound design for general exterior sounds


  • Faster, easier, less expensive and safer than on-road evaluation, testing, tuning
  • Design the sound simultaneously while driving a virtual vehicle
  • Design in context of all vehicle sounds, right on the desktop
  • Evaluate exterior sounds for a wide variety of manuevers with varying levels of ambient noise and traffic
  • Rapid deployment to production using QNX middleware/runtime libraries

Interested in NVH Active Sound Design?

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