News - 27 May

VI-grade Welcomes Over 2,000 to its 2021 ZERO PROTOTYPES Summit

News - 12 May

VI-grade Announces 1,000 Registrations and Final Agenda for 2021 ZERO PROTOTYPES SUMMIT

News - 11 May

HORIBA MIRA’s Vehicle Attribute Development Team invests in class-leading VI-grade simulator

News - 5 May

VI-grade Announces Strategic Partnership with iMotions

News - 21 April

McMaster Automotive Resource Centre adopts STATIC Driving Simulator from VI-grade

News - 1 April

VI-grade announces the acquisition of Concurrent Real-Time

News - 31 March

VI-grade partners with BlackBerry to combine QNX Active Sound Design and virtual Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) prototypes

News - 24 March

VI-grade Announces First-Ever “Zero Prototypes Summit”