Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

Design and engineer the sound of your vehicle to meet brand and customer expectations before building the first prototype.

Vehicle comfort, quality, character, refinement, and brand DNA are all communicated and perceived through sound and vibration. Consciously or not, people form opinions and make decisions based on the sound and vibration of the vehicle. It is critical to get the sound and vibration characteristics of the vehicle right, or risk poor perception with customers and poor performance in the marketplace.

Like any other aspect of vehicle development, there are many ways to measure, analyze and predict NVH performance. However, unlike many attributes, NVH is not easily explained, understood or communicated through plots, graphs, numbers and data.

VI-grade’s suite of NVH Simulator solutions make it easy to listen to NVH data, to create NVH virtual prototypes, and to drive, experience, understand and make NVH design and content decisions with confidence.
All NVH simulator solutions provide accurate, high-quality, calibrated vehicle sound, with real-time driver-in-the loop interaction. This allows you to drive the NVH simulations just like a real car.

Calibrated, independent, multi-axial vibration at all driver touch points can be added as well. Accurate vibration is critical to evaluating the overall NVH performance and perception of vehicle NVH.

The NVH Simulator is an open environment, easily interfacing to many other solutions with real-time software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL).

Only VI-grade offers the complete NVH solution set enabling you to design and engineer the sound of your vehicles to meet brand and customer expectations before building the first prototype.
A typical driving simulator configuration for NVH consists of: -
  • A DESKTOP NVH Simulator, comprising the NVH Simulator software, multiple screens for the NVH simulator software, driver visuals, real-time displays and driver interaction, high-quality driver controls for steering, shifting and pedal input, and high quality, calibrated audio delivered through headphones or speakers.
  • STATIC NVH Simulator, for a fully immersive experience, consisting of the NVH simulator software, a full vehicle body and controls, calibrated, independent multi-axial vibration at all driver touchpoints, large wrap-around screen for visuals.
  • Or our new COMPACT NVH Simulator, which provides accurate, calibrated, multi-axial vibration at all driver touchpoints, enabling a complete NVH experience similar to the STATIC NVH Simulator, but in a reduced footprint.
Other applications of the NVH Simulator include On-Road NVH Simulator, Exterior Sound Simulator, VI-SimSound.


Download our NVH White Paper

This document spotlights the challenges NVH engineers face today in meeting brand and customer NVH expectations on electric and hybrid vehicles within the development of a car. It also illustrates how driving simulators can be used to accelerate automotive NVH development to provide NVH engineers with conclusive results in already early design phases.

Click the thumbnail below to receive the download link of the white paper titled "HOW TO MEET BRAND AND CUSTOMER NVH EXPECTATIONS FOR ELECTRIC AND HYBRID VEHICLES".

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