Experience Accurate Motion, Vibration and Sound of Virtual Prototypes

Automakers and automotive design and development engineers face the challenge of making million-dollar design decisions without the benefit of physical prototypes.

Those prototypes provide confidence, but they are too expensive and too slow to keep up with the pace of modern design and development.

Therefore, how do engineers and decision-makers attain the confidence that their decisions on design and content are correct, especially for subjective attributes like ride comfort, sound, vibration and the use and interaction with other features?
VI-grade introduces the COMPACT Full Spectrum Dynamic Simulator (FSS) to address these challenges.

The COMPACT FSS simulator provides highly accurate motion, vibration, and sound in a small footprint. It enables Human-in-the-Loop simulation, which is the vital connection between objective simulation data and subjective human perception.

It provides a full-spectrum simulation from 0.5Hz to 20kHz, making it ideal for ride comfort, overall vehicle refinement characterization, and any evaluation that requires experiencing multiple vehicle attributes.
The COMPACT FSS simulator is powered by a VI-grade AutoHawk real-time computer, which runs real-time vehicle dynamics models and generates motion, vibration, and sound. Additional sound and vibration content is provided by VI-grade NVH Simulator software components.

The COMPACT FSS is especially well-suited for Ride Comfort evaluations, where motion, vibration, and sound combine to create the total driver and passenger experience. It is also suitable for seat evaluations, as virtually any seat can be placed on the COMPACT FSS, with motion and vibration delivered to the seat rail attachment locations.


  • Ride Comfort evaluations
  • Overall vehicle refinement characterization
  • Seat evaluations
  • Motorsport applications


  • Highly accurate motion, vibration, and sound
  • Small footprint and lower cost compared to hexapods
  • Full-spectrum simulation from 0.5Hz to 20kHz
  • Real-time, Driver-in-the-Loop simulation
  • Ideal for experiencing multiple vehicle attributes simultaneously
  • Provides confidence for design decisions on subjective attributes like Ride Comfort, sound, and vibration
  • Features immersive and realistic evaluations

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