Cable-driven DiM DYNAMIC Simulator

Discover the revolution of driving simulators

The DiM400 (and higher) is the newest addition to the DiM family and adds a host of state-of-the-art, new technologies to advanced driving simulators.

Leveraging the concept of the original DiM150 and DiM250, the DiM400 adds a unique cable drive system for the lower stage to enable a larger motion envelope for even longer time exposure.

For the upper stage, a new hexalift component enables an improved motion envelope by increasing available vertical travel, which in turn leads to a better vertical feel under combined loading events.

Cable-driven DYNAMIC Simulators are VI-grade's response to the market request for simulators with larger range of motion, higher performance, and broader application areas such as ADAS/AV and NVH. 

Cable-driven DYNAMIC Simulators set a new high-bar for simulator performance, since they retain VI-grade's signature architecture of a lower stage (that translates and rotates in a plane to represent the chassis and tire/roadway dynamics) coupled with an upper stage, 6 degree-of-freedom mechanism (that faithfully recreates the higher-frequency vehicle body motion).

This architecture allows to speed up the tuning process, ultimately leading to a better and more immersive driving experience.

Cable-driven simulators are uniquely able to easily adapt to client-specific budgetary and space requirements. They can be configured in any size, ranging from 4 meters of surge and sway up to 15 meters and beyond.

Cable-driven simulators up to 5 meters in size come with a fixed screen.  For simulators larger than 5 meters, the screen is replaced by a dome or other visualization equipment, such as VR headsets.

VI-grade Cable-driven simulators are the first and only simulators that adapt to your needs… and not vice-versa!


    Vehicle Dynamics
    • Chassis tuning (vehicle dynamic targets)
    • Tire development
    • Driver’s training
    • Control system design (SIL & HIL)
    Ride & Comfort
    • Chassis tuning (Ride & Comfort Targets)
    • A to B comparison
    • ​Off-line results (from experimental test and/or multibody simulations) playback
    ADAS & AV
    • ADAS development & verification (AEB, LKA, ACC, …)
    • Dangerous maneuvers simulation
    • AV algorithms development & verification
    • HMI studies
    • Driver’s distraction and monitoring
    • ​Human – systems interactions
    • Race set up
    • Hybrid and race strategy
    • Driver’s training
    • Car development


    • Even more workspace (freely adjustable to customer needs thanks to cable-based design)
    • Longer exposure to steady-state acceleration (capable of lane change at 1:1 motion cueing)
    • Better immersion through improved motion envelope shape under combined loading
    • Much larger yaw range while maintaining velocity and acceleration performances on an even larger workspace
    • Bigger heave for a better vertical feel
    • Active vibration control through a patented Inertia Compensation System

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