At VI-grade, we have a singular quest to rapidly accelerate innovation in the product development process. We want to move away from the old paradigm where you conceive of an idea, but then you have to build a hardware prototype before you get to experience it. 

Instead, we believe we can help our customers to go directly from a concept to trying out that conceived product virtually, before hardware is built. 
We started by delivering real-time simulation software and then moved directly into delivering an immersive Driver-in-the-Loop simulator experience that allows you to actually feel the performance of the conceived product.
This process is quicker, simpler, and safer. And our customers tell us that not only do they realize the expected financial return-on-investment, but in fact the simulators have become a collaboration platform that unites their teams and enables design breakthroughs.


Shifting from traditional off-line simulation to raising on-line activities on driving simulators, engineers can progressively and selectively add real-world elements to the environment, making it the most COMPLETE simulation tool.

For example, a driver will react to external inputs on the simulator, providing feedback on different vehicle setups exactly like he would do on the real test track.

Additionally, Hardware-in-the-Loop components, such as real ECUs, radars and cameras for ADAS applications, can be added to the simulation scenario.

This perfect mix between real world and virtual components leads to infinite simulation possibilities, with extremely high level of correlation.


Our dynamic driving simulators are based on a UNIQUE patented concept, entirely designed by VI-grade.

The lower part, called the tripod, is moving on air pads thanks to 3 main actuators, allowing smooth movements in the X, Y and Yaw directions at low frequencies, mimicking typical vehicle dynamics movements.

The upper part, called the hexapod, with its 6 degrees of freedom allows fast response and high frequency movements, making the simulator particularly suitable also for Ride and Comfort studies.
Thanks to the separation between high and low frequencies, this design allows to obtain always an optimal feedback from the system in any given scenario. Additionally, the redundancy of movements provides a more realistic driving experience in the whole acceleration range.



VI-grade provides within its Driving Simulators a complete set of software packages including VI-CarRealTime, our real-time multibody vehicle model; VI-GraphSim, our graphical environment; and VI-MotionCueing, which controls the motion of our driving simulator platform.

Additionally, several interfaces to 3rd party software have been developed in order to provide to users an OPEN environment, in which every component of the driving simulator can be utilized without modifying existing development processes.

Direct export from Adams Car, interfaces to all major advanced tire models, a graphical interface with Traffic simulation software, Matlab Interface to add custom components (like active systems), as well as interfaces with Hardware-In-the-Loop platforms, are available off-the-shelf.




Ride & Handling NVH Motorsport HMI Adas & AV


It’s all about fine tuning your chassis,
developing the right balance,
selecting the right tires,
tuning the transmission,
setting up seamless control systems
to achieve the best driver experience.


Design and engineer
the sound of your vehicle
to meet brand and customer expectations
before building the first prototype.


Test your algorithms and automatic systems
in a safe and collaborative environment
to validate ADAS functions
integrating software and hardware sensors.


Evaluate your HMI criteria
with a real car cockpit and dashboard
and develop new interfaces
in a controlled and easy-to-modify environment.


VI-grade Driving Simulators
help put the driver
in front of the toughest conditions
in the most realistic and safest way.


DESKTOP Simulator

The entry level Driving Simulator by VI-grade.
Enables to test drive your vehicle
directly from your desk,
validating its basic behavior.



Interactive driving simulation
of vehicle NVH
from your desktop PC.


COMPACT Simulator

All main features of VI-grade
Driving Simulators in a simple cockpit.
A simulator for engineers to subjectively and
quickly understand how the vehicle behaves.


Accurate, calibrated, multi-axial vibration
at all driver touchpoints
enable a complete NVH experience
and bring your NVH virtual prototypes to life​.

STATIC Simulator

Built from a real car,
a Driving Simulator for an immersive experience
in which engineers and test drivers
work together to develop new vehicle concepts.


STATIC NVH Simulator

Fully immersive
vehicle NVH evaluation
while driving an actual car.


DiM50 DYNAMIC Simulator

An entry-level driver-in-the-loop simulator
to perform ride and ADAS simulation,
basic handling maneuvers
at an attractive price point.


DiM150 & DiM250 DYNAMIC Simulator

A patented 9DoF Driving Simulator
to help drivers and engineers to virtually
develop new cars in the lab.
A multi-disciplinary tool
to ensure high quality system integration
early in a development program.



The newest addition to the DiM family, 
it enables to go beyond
the mechanical barriers
of other simulator architectures.
guaranteeing high adaptability
and top-class performances.


"The availability of
optimum Driver-in-the-loop solutions
allows us to combine them
with our proving ground,
providing unique development methods
that minimize the use of prototypes,
thus, reducing the critical
development path and overall costs.”

Alexandre Català
Managing Director
Applus+ IDIADA China

"The possibility to have
a driver-in-the-loop
in our STATIC Simulator,
allowing us to include
the driver’s perception
when testing our systems,
as well as the ability
of testing the performance
before prototyping it,
is of great value
for our organization."

Dr. Ali Emadi,
Professor and Canada Excellence Research Chair Laureate,
McMaster University

"The installation of the simulator
contributes in making
the Politecnico di Milano
competitive on an international scale
and turns the Bovisa area
into an ecosystem of innovation.
This is the objective of the University:
to face the great challenges
of the coming years,
first of all that of mobility."

Ferruccio Resta
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

"This level of simulation sophistication
will allow us to drive breakthroughs
in future tire creation,
leading to an enhanced
customer and driver experience. 
I’m proud to say that Goodyear
is leading the industry with VI-grade
and our simulation solutions.”

Chris Helsel
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

"The DiM250 Driving Simulator is the perfect tool for us.
We can get our test drivers in there,
who will be driving the real cars later
or we can drive ourselves or have our management drive.
We establish a target for
where we want to be with the final product
and, thanks to the Driving Simulator,
we can have a whole set of teams working together."

Michael Bidlingmaier
Key Expert – Digital Vehicle Dynamics Integration

"This investment is a crucial
part of our toolbox
to develop mobility solutions
for a different tomorrow.
Our ambition with the simulator
is to replicate the real world
to provide our engineers
with an alternative to real world tests."

Mats Fägerhag
China Euro Vehicle Technology AB

"This facility is very important
for the electrification processes
we are developing.
In the future, we will have
Maseratis fitted with an electric engine,
so we will have the ability
to put it on this testbed."

Luca Dusini
Vehicle Dynamics, Testing and Simulation

"The NVH Simulator
has significantly improved
our development efficiency
by facilitating alignment
on hardware and targets
early in the vehicle
development process
and reducing reliance
on physical vehicle testing
and validation."

Chris Cundy
PT NVH Technical Specialist
Advanced Systems NVH & Technology
Powertrain NVH R&D, PCCN
Ford Motor Company

"It’s about making the car better,
not just save time.
I believe we have created
the best car so far
in Volvo’s history."

Mattias Davidsson
Lead Vehicle Dynamics Engineer
Volvo Car Corporation

"With our driving simulator
we are better prepared
on the real racetracks
and can improve
our performance in the race."

Bastian Göttle
Head of Simulators
Audi Sport

"The driving simulator
is a key facility
in our chassis and vehicle dynamics
development projects
as it links up
our virtual and real activities."

Roger Mateu
Head of Vehicle Dynamics and NVH
Applus+ IDIADA