STATIC Simulator

A professional solution for immersive and realistic driving experience

The STATIC Simulator by VI-grade is a professional solution that allows OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and Research Institutes to use a driving simulator to start bridging the gap between physical testing and simulation.

Our STATIC Simulator is based on the same VI-DriveSim software package that is used on our COMPACT Simulator and on DiM, but is also fully compatible with 3rd party software solutions. This makes it possible to upgrade the STATIC Simulator to a DYNAMIC Simulator later on, leveraging previous investments.


Ride & Handling, NVH, ADAS & AV, HMI and Motorsport are some of the disciplines that could be developed using a STATIC Simulator by VI-grade.

A cylindrical screen and multiple professional projectors make it possible to reach very high level of realism, leading to a complete and immersive driving experience.



Moreover, thanks to its real-time hardware infrastructure, our STATIC Simulator is also suitable for Software-in-the-Loop and Hardware-in-the-Loop applications.


    • HMI
    • Vehicle dynamics
    • NVH
    • ADAS
    • Control systems development
    • Component development


    • Immersive driving experience
    • Full cockpit
    • Fully upgradeable to DYNAMIC Simulator
    • Limited investment

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