Realistic sound simulation for Driving Simulators

VI-SimSound is a sound simulation and generation software which can be connected to any Driving Simulator to provide an immersive, accurate sound experience. The sound of wind, road, engine, motors, traffic, accessory noises, tyre squeal, and anything else perceived in the vehicle can be generated and played in real-time, synchronized perfectly with the visual scene and driving dynamics of the vehicle simulator.

VI-SimSound is based on the VI-grade NVH Simulator technology, which leverages decades of sound quality technology and expertise. Using the same sophisticated audio algorithms and methods as VI-NVHSim to synthesize sound in real-time, instant, accurate sound is generated in real-time, completely synchronized with the driving simulator.  

With VI-SimSound, the Driving Simulator does not just “sound like a car”, but sounds exactly like the specific car being driven, just as if it were driven in real life.

Delivered with a base set of vehicle sound models and traffic sounds, VI-SimSound is ready to go immediately. Additional sound models are available, and custom sound models can be created for specific vehicles. VI-NVHSim can be used to create vehicle sound models, and these sound models can be exported for use in VI-Simsound with a single button click. Vehicle models can be highly customized and very detailed to faithfully reproduce any specific vehicle character with all auditory cues and nuances of the vehicle. 

VI-SimSound works together with a high-quality audio sound card to provide high-quality, accurate sound. To ensure accurate sound reproduction through various playback systems, an automated tool to measure and correct for the characteristics of the playback system and acoustic environment is included. A compact user interface provides for monitoring of incoming vehicle parameters and cueing signals, as well as monitoring of output signal levels. With VI-SimSound, up to 8 independent audio channels are supported, enabling many possible sound system configurations

VI-SimSound is integrated into VI-grade Driving Simulators as a standard sound-generation solution and can also be used with any driving simulator from any supplier. 


  • Dynamic (full-motion) Driving Simulators 
  • Static Driving Simulators 
  • Simulators for human factors engineering, student driver training simulators, operator training, and racing simulators 
  • Combined evaluations of vehicle dynamics and NVH (noise and vibration) 
  • Combined evaluations of multiple vehicle attributes including sound  


  • Simple configuration with existing Driving Simulators 
  • Basic vehicle models delivered with the SimSound system 
  • Accurate sound reproduction for completely immersive sound simulation 
  • Replay through binaural headphones or a variety of speaker systems 
  • User interface for online, real-time monitoring of the sound simulation 
  • Standard network interfaces to connect to any driving simulator  
  • Voiceover microphone enables communication from the control room to the driver  

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