The full software solution to find the best set-up for your racing car

VI-Motorsport is based on a faster-than-real-time simulation solver which can predict the virtual car behavior, and has been extensively validated against test data in various race car series.

The VI-Motorsport environment is complemented by the ability to create road data (both driver lines and tire contact profiles) starting either from GPS, telemetry, laser data measurements, or eventually from a fully analytical description.

Finally VI-grade’s advanced driver model allows users to drive the vehicle model around the specified track and to find the limits of the car.

For all those companies involved in the process of finding best vehicle set-up and performance whilst at the same time limiting economic resources, VI-Motorsport is an unprecedented support and a revolutionary aid to the engineering team.

VI-Motorsport helps racing teams to reduce time needed to find the best set-up for a given car on a given circuit and to explore more design variants in less time.

VI-Motorsport includes following software modules: VI-CarRealTime, VI-Road, VI-Tire, VI-Driver MaxPerformance, VI-Animator and VI-SuspensionGen.


  • Suspension modeling and analysis environment to derive suspension curves
  • Detailed description of components such as dampers, springs, bumpstops, antiroll bars, aerodynamics and tires
  • Advanced driver and road model included
  • Limit performance evaluation of the car on a given circuit
  • Successfully used in a large variety of motorsport series: Formula 1, GP2, WTCC, Nascar, IndyCar Series, Le Mans Series, GT, Rally


  • Detailed, reliable and fast race car model
  • One environment to study suspension and full-vehicle behavior in different conditions
  • Advanced driver technology able to push the car to the limit
  • Easy exchange of data between simulation environment and data logging system
  • Realistic simulation conditions with reliable vehicle and detailed road data files (including kerbs, bank angle and 3D disturbances)
  • Efficient as track side tool to find best set-up during tests and qualifying sessions
  • Accelerated optimization campaigns thanks to the real-time technology
  • Determine subsystem targets quickly and possibly automated

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