DiM50 DYNAMIC Simulator

Realistic driver-in-the-loop simulator at an attractive price point

The DiM50 DYNAMIC Simulator is an entry-level dynamic driver-in-the-loop simulator for those needing to perform ride and ADAS simulation, as well as basic handling maneuvers and provides a higher degree of realism with respect to a STATIC Simulator, at an attractive price point.

DiM50 shares the same industry-leading hexapod architecture already featured in VI-grade’s popular DYNAMIC Driving Simulator models DiM150 and DiM250.
DiM50 represents a natural evolution of VI-grade’s STATIC Simulator technology and, since it leverages the same, proven hexapod technology featured in our DiM150 or DiM250 models, it can be further upgraded to a 9 degrees of freedom DiM150 or DiM250 model through the addition of a baseframe and three planar motion actuators.

DiM50 features a wide array of automotive applications ranging from ride & comfort, basic vehicle dynamics and control system design, up to HMI/ADAS applications and driver training in motorsports.

DiM50 joins the extensive line fully scalable, configurable, and upgradeable driving simulators from VI-grade, which span from up deskside simulators to full-scale dynamic simulators.

DiM50 offers an unprecedented opportunity to purchase a dynamic simulator with a superior degree of realism combined with a low price point. But what makes the DiM50 stand out is that it enables to preserve its investment by providing a potential upgrade path to higher range dynamic simulators.

DiM50 lends itself well to universities, research centers, suppliers and motorsport teams as well as automotive OEMs that already invested in bigger simulators.


    • Ride & comfort
    • Basic vehicle dynamics
    • Control system design
    • HMI and ADAS applications
    • Driver training in motorsports


    • Fully scalable, configurable and upgradeable
    • Proven motion platform
    • Active components (seats, belts, brakes, …)
    • Hard-real-time computing platform
    • Customizable cockpits
    • HiL-ready architecture
    • Unparalleled flexibility through VI-grade’s open environment in line with VI-Certified

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