The software platform that enables easy and complete control of all components of a Driving Simulator

Today, Driving Simulators are recognized as extremely powerful tools in vehicle development. But as always… great power is nothing without proper control!

  • As a Control Room engineer, how can you make sure that all Software and Hardware components involved with your Driving Simulator (vehicle model, graphics, motion cueing, active components, telemetry modules…) are properly connected and are correctly communicating to each other?
  • How can you verify that all Software and Hardware components are working in perfect sync with each other, to ensure that the Driving Simulator operates well?
  • How can you easily select and modify all simulation parameters (vehicle model, proving ground, etc) that need to be used by your Driving Simulator to perform a given test?
Your solution is VI-DriveSim, VI-grade’s software platform for Driving Simulators able to integrate as a singular point of connection both native and 3rd party tools (through the VI-Certified Programme).

With VI-DriveSim, all software tools are properly and seamlessly exposed in perfect synchronicity to the Driving Simulator – be it a DESKTOP, COMPACT, STATIC or DiM DYNAMIC Driving Simulator model.

VI-DriveSim enables you to easily do the following:

  • Switching to a different vehicle model to compare the driving experience
  • Swapping a given track with a public road scenario with traffic to perform ADAS simulations
  • Interfacing an HiL controller with your vehicle
  • Enabling active components
  • Modifying Motion Cueing parameters for your DYNAMIC Driving Simulator


  • Management of Driving Simulator sessions
  • Synchonization of all Driving Simulator components


  • State-of-the-art Driving Simulator software platform
  • Complete software package to run driving simulators
  • Open architecture to support 3rd party solutions
  • State of the art Motion Cueing and Multi-cueing for Active Systems like belt, seat, and brake
  • Ease of use for simulator session changes
  • Ability to save and restore session setups
  • Connected to SIMulation Workbench to enable many 3rd party other connections

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