On-Road NVH Simulator

The Simulator that enables the engineering of future vehicle sounds inside and outside the vehicle, on a real vehicle

The On-Road NVH Simulator combines the power of the full NVH Simulator software with the context and realism of a real vehicle, enabling the real-time simulation, experience and engineering of future vehicle sounds and NVH virtual prototypes. The On-Road Simulator combines accurate, synchronized sound reproduction with powerful engineering and modification tools to enable effective NVH design and decision making.
Connecting to the vehicle via CAN-bus, the actual vehicle speed, engine speed, motor speeds, pedal positions, gear selection and other vehicle data is passed in real-time to the NVH Simulator software. The NVH Simulator software then creates and synthesizes in real-time the target vehicle sound. Sound can be generated in the vehicle in a number of ways, from open-back or noise-cancelling headphones, to interior and/or exterior speakers, or even panel transducers.

While the driver drives, the NVH Simulator operator can switch instantly between vehicle models for back-to-back sound comparisons. Just like at the DESKTOP Simulator, component parts of the sound can be turned on and off, levels of component sounds can be adjusted to tune the overall character of a vehicle simulation, and any number of 12 different types of filters and sound modifications can be applied and adjusted, all in real-time. Target vehicle sounds can be tuned easily and precisely in an actual vehicle, producing the sound of future vehicles in the ultimate context of a real vehicle driving experience.

Vehicle sound models tuned with the On-Road Simulator can be transferred to the Vsound vehicle sound evaluation system for ultra-simple in-vehicle sound generation with no need to have an engineer or operator in the car to run the system.

On-Road NVH Simulator Features:

  • Multi-channel output (8 or more independent output channels)
  • Multi-channel input (8 or more independent input channels)
  • CAN-bus connectivity
  • Full capabilities of NVH Simulator software for comparing vehicle models and manipulating, adjusting, filtering and tuning component parts of the sound


  • Back-to-back benchmark assessments in-vehicle 
  • Evaluation and experience of target levels in-vehicle for target sign-off 
  • In-vehicle tuning of sounds
  • Real-world experience of interior and exterior vehicle sounds 
  • EV exterior sound development for AVAS electric vehicle warning sounds 
  • EV exterior sound development for EV sound design 
  • Autonomous vehicle exterior sound development 
  • EV interior sound development 


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