Real-time Simulations and HiL

Accelerate your development process and prepare for subjective assessment on the driving simulator

Driving simulators and the subjective experience they provide becomes increasingly important as you progress in the development cycle. Real-time simulations play an important role in providing critical, real-time feedback to engineers.

Real-time simulations allow engineers to evaluate design changes and quickly make corresponding decisions. Thousands of simulations can be performed in just a few hours. Design-of-Experiments and optimization loops help engineers to make critical decisions in a fraction of the time that was needed even just a few years ago.
When more data become available, real-time models are refined and populated with more precise data.

Real-time models are also the foundation of hardware-in-the-loop analyses where a hardware component (e.g. steering system, damper, brake, camera, radar or entire engine) interacts with the virtual vehicle model that runs on a hard real-time computer.

Functional tests and fault injection analyses can be performed on the real component but in a safe environment and in the absence of a complete physical prototype.


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