Unleashing Sound and Vibration Analysis Potential

Insight enables listening to the results of CAE models and source-path-contribution models.
Insight is playback and analysis software for CAE results and Source-Path-Contribution (SPC) results.

Traditionally, the results of sound and vibration analysis have been in the form of numbers, plots and graphs. Insight brings this data to life, enabling the experience of the data through highly-accurate sound generation.

  • Listen to the results while simultaneously analyzing them with multiple types of displays.
  • Interact with the sound model by applying filters and modifications to the sound and the component parts of the sound in real-time.
Insight is build on the same platform as the VI-NVHSim software, and shares many of its features and capabilities.

Insight enables NVH engineers to calculate, listen to and modify individual contributions. CAE data can be combined with test data to create an immersive, realistic sound experience. Included with Insight is the CAE Auditioner, which transforms many common CAE file formats to time-domain sound data which can be utilized by Insight.

For time-domain SPC results, Insight is the ideal tool to listen to and view the results of the path contribution calculations.
Understanding sound and vibration data has never been easier.


  • Detailed source – path – contribution sound model, with each component individually controllable
  • Multiple filter types and sound modifications that can be applied to each sound component separately
  • Integrated with HBK SPC software, Insight can be launched from SPC with the SPC model fully prepared for playback in Insight
  • Contribution Analyzer feature for easily comparing multiple contributions at once visually
  • Utilize data from many common CAE formats to create sound models for listening
  • Record combined or modified results as sound files for easy distribution or advanced analysis in general-purpose sound/vibration analysis software, like BK Connect
  • Calculator to add or subtract sound contributions from one another or from the overall sound


  • Rapid evaluation of CAE results within the correct context of overall vehicle sound
  • Back-to-back comparison of sound models and data sets
  • Communicate NVH concepts and results easily to non-experts
  • Understand the impact of design changes on the NVH characteristics of vehicles
  • Investigate and understand the impact of individual contributions on the overall sound


  • Increase confidence in the NVH decision-making process
  • Listen to you CAE data, incorporate CAE data in the NVH Simulator virtual prototype
  • Combine and experience data from multiple sources, including in-vehicle and test bench recordings, and multiple CAE analysis result types
  • Understand the NVH data through full control of the sound – turn individual components on and off or apply filters to components in real-time

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