COMPACT Simulator

All the main features of our simulators in a reduced space

The COMPACT Simulator features a driver’s seat, a fully-adjustable steering wheel, dashboard, pedals, gear stick and screen and is small enough to be placed directly in your office.

With its carbon-fiber cockpit, the COMPACT Simulator is the perfect solution for those companies wanting to start using a Driving Simulator to boost simulation activities and to test models in real-time while getting a subjective feeling.

VI-grade’s COMPACT Simulator is the ideal tool for automotive OEMs wanting to prepare models to be used for a more advanced simulator (both STATIC and DiM) and needing to quickly test specific components.

The COMPACT Simulator is also an ideal solution for Tier 1 suppliers needing to ensure that their components will work well when inserted into a more complex vehicle model.


This kind of simulator can also be used by universities and research centers to develop and test dedicated control algorithms, as well as to introduce their students to driving simulator technologies.


    • Vehicle dynamics
    • Control systems development
    • ADAS development
    • Automotive components development
    • Real-time vehicle model preparation for DYNAMIC Simulator
    • HMI studies


    • Reduced size
    • Reduced investment
    • Same software used on VI-grade STATIC and DYNAMIC Simulators
    • Fully upgradeable

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