A single vehicle model from concept to sign-off accelerates your vehicle development process

Vehicle dynamics and control engineers need a solution that optimizes vehicle and control system performance in a single vehicle model to accelerate the vehicle development process. That solution is VI-CarRealTime - a real-time vehicle simulation environment utilizing a single simplified vehicle model.

With VI-CarRealTime, Vehicle Dynamics engineers can quickly and easily perform large Design of Experiments (DOE) and multi-objective optimization studies. VI-CarRealTime is the only real-time solution available on the market that can automatically and seamlessly export a real-time vehicle model directly from ADAMS Car and/or K&C results. Similarly, VI-CarRealTime also lets you share component property files such as tires, springs, dampers, and bump stops with ADAMS Car.

How VI-CarRealTime accelerates your vehicle development process: 
  • It gives engineers detailed parametric descriptions of the main vehicle subsystem and components, including support for conventional, hybrid and electric drivelines, tires, aerodynamics.
  • All the model elements can be customized and eventually replaced with user-defined equivalent components.
  • It's easily integrated with other simulation environments for specific applications such as co-simulation (FMI), Software-In-The-Loop (MATLAB Simulink), ADAS development, optimization tools.
  • Access the included and extensive library of validated models which can be used by controls engineers to optimize the controller design based on accurate vehicle performance.

VI-CarRealTime helps eliminate redundancy and reduces the time spent by different engineering teams to obtain and prepare essentially the same data. It also improves the consistency of the engineering approach while providing state of the art technology. The investment pays off because it can be leveraged by many different teams, including Hardware-in-the-Loop and Driving Simulator departments.

VI-CarRealTime also features proprietary converters that enable the users to seamlessly use existing vehicle models developed in other real-time software solutions.


  • Real-time vehicle simulation
  • Software-in-the-loop
  • DOE and Optimization
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Hardware-in-the-loop
  • Competitive vehicle assessment
  • Driving simulator (static and dynamic)
  • Traffic simulation
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)


  • Derive your real-time models directly from ADAMS Car or K&C test rigs
  • Leverage a comprehensive library of realistic vehicle models (Sedan, Compact car, SUV, GT car, Trailer, Truck)
  • Take advantage of state-of-the-art driver technology
  • Run optimization studies of driving performance
  • Include detailed road and component modelling (e.g. advanced tire models like FTire, detailed driveline from MapleSim or Simulink) in your vehicle dynamic simulations
  • Analyze design changes much faster and at a lower cost than with physical prototype testing
  • Export plant vehicle models for control systems development (SIL) and verification (HIL)
  • “Feel” your simulation model in real-time on driving and traffic simulators

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