Interactive driving simulation of vehicle NVH from your desktop PC

Our DESKTOP NVH Simulator creates an interactive driving experience of vehicle NVH, bringing your sound data into the real world, so it can be physically experienced.

Leveraging NVH Simulator and Software technology from Brüel & Kjær, the DESKTOP NVH Simulator is equipped with a steering wheel and pedals so that drivers can interact with the vehicle and experience the sound of the vehicle in real-time. 

Highly accurate vehicle sound is played through headphones or speakers, allowing the driver to experience the sound of a vehicle throughout all of the dynamic aspects of driving, like changing gears and accelerating, or changing from smooth to coarse to rough road surfaces. 

This immersive context for sound evaluations helps people select appropriate sounds and compare alternative designs – whether they are engineers or non-experts.


Software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop capabilities enable integration with other vehicle systems, such as vehicle performance models and active sound design solutions.

Our DESKTOP NVH Simulator increases confidence in the decision-making process, whether evaluating concepts or physical prototype updates.​​​​​


    • Virtual prototyping of NVH at any stage of the vehicle design process
    • Setting NVH targets before physical prototyping, and cascading targets down to individual components
    • Competitor vehicle benchmarking
    • Powertrain sound quality assessment throughout development
    • Non-expert NVH assessment by customers, management and marketing 
    • Helping computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysts understand the impact of design changes on the NVH characteristics of the vehicle
    • Tuning active sound design systems (electronic sound enhancement) on the desktop


    • Build and experience the sound and vibration of NVH virtual prototypes, including traditional IC-engine vehicle, EVs, hybrids or vehicles with any type of propulsion system
    • Increase confidence in the NVH decision-making process
    • Drive and assess new vehicles well in advance of first physical prototypes
    • Rapidly assess multiple driving conditions and part load conditions for powertrain sound quality
    • Listen to you CAE data, incorporate CAE data in the NVH Simulator virtual prototype
    • Combine and experience data from multiple sources, including in-vehicle and test bench recordings, and multiple CAE analysis result types
    • Drive any vehicle in the database at any time, no need to coordinate vehicle availability, track time and weather for drive assessments
    • Understand and design the NVH of the vehicle through full control of the sound – turn individual components on and off or apply filters to components in real-time

    Interested in our DESKTOP NVH Simulator?

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