STATIC NVH Simulator

Fully immersive vehicle NVH evaluation while driving an actual car

Our STATIC NVH Simulator creates an interactive driving experience of a vehicle’s interior noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), bringing your sound and vibration data into the real world so it can be experienced by real people.

Leveraging best-in-class NVH Simulation Software, VI-NVHSim, our STATIC NVH Simulator provides even more authenticity, displaying the track in front of a real, stationary vehicle that is equipped with headphones, speakers and shakers – adding vibration simulation to all of the capabilities of the DESKTOP NVH Simulator.

Simulation models can contain any available NVH data, from simple recordings of the whole vehicle to an engineering model including path and source contribution data, and modified components.

Our NVH Simulators can easily incorporate CAE data predictions, allowing subjective evaluations of virtual component designs when inserted into the real vehicle’s NVH data.


    • Virtual prototyping of NVH at any stage of the vehicle design process
    • Setting NVH targets before physical prototyping, and cascading targets down to individual components
    • Competitor vehicle benchmarking
    • Powertrain sound quality assessment throughout development
    • Non-expert NVH assessment by customers, management and marketing
    • Helping computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysts understand the impact of design changes on the NVH characteristics of the vehicle


    • Build and experience the sound and vibration of NVH virtual prototypes, including traditional IC-engine vehicle, EVs, hybrids or vehicles with any type of propulsion system
    • Increase confidence in the NVH decision-making process
    • Drive and assess new vehicles well in advance of first physical prototypes
    • Rapidly assess multiple driving conditions and part load conditions for powertrain sound quality
    • Listen to your CAE data, incorporate CAE data in the NVH Simulator virtual prototype
    • Combine and experience data from multiple sources, including in-vehicle and test bench recordings, and multiple CAE analysis result types
    • Drive any vehicle in the database at any time - no need to coordinate vehicle availability, track time and weather for drive assessments
    • Understand and design the NVH of the vehicle through full control of the sound – turn individual components on and off or apply filters to components in real-time
    • Complete immersion with a full-vehicle body and large visual screen – looks and feels like a real car
    • Calibrated, accurate, multi-axial, independent vibration at all driver touchpoints – seat, steering wheel, floor pan

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