The specialized aircraft and landing gear simulation software from VI-grade

Using VI-Aircraft, an engineering team can quickly build a complete, parameterized model of a new aircraft, easily defining its landing gear layout, wheel arrangement, energy absorption, and other vital characteristics. Then, without leaving their engineering workstations, the team’s members can run the model through a battery of kinematic, static, and dynamic simulations to determine the vehicle’s flotation, stability, loads, and passenger comfort.

Test measurements can be analyzed immediately and test equipment can be quickly modified. With VI-Aircraft, engineering teams can quickly build and test functional virtual prototypes of complete aircraft and landing gear, before building a physical prototype.


  • Complete simulation solution with predefined tests
  • Oleo-pneumatic modeling
  • File based modeling database
  • Easy Customization
  • CAD/CAE Integration
  • Validation of all results against physical tests
  • Support of predefined maneuvers: Ground Tests, Taxi Tests, Landing Tests, In-Flight Tests, Landing gear tests (Steady axle loads, Retract-Extend, Drop), Wheel tests (Single tire tests)


  • Quickly build, test, and refine aircraft landing gear designs, exploring many “what-if alternatives.” A user can, for example, change a strut metering pin with only a few mouse clicks, instead of waiting for a mechanic to install a new metering pin, as required with physical testing
  • Run designs over a variety of conditions, without having to duplicate those conditions with expensive tests. For example, an ice-covered runway or a special runway such as San Francisco can be tested and compared with baseline results in minutes, instead of waiting months for the right test conditions
  • Directly compare the critical data from different virtual tests with side-by-side animations and plot families, which can be done quickly using predefined plot templates. The result is an environment that allows you to build and compare hundreds of different aircraft and landing gear systems, all before you commit the physical prototype to manufacturing

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