Exterior Sound Simulator

The software to experience the sound of vehicles from outside

Especially for sounds generated for EVs, the sounds created in the studio often sound great - in the studio. But when placed on the vehicle and “driven” in real-life, they often fall short of expectations due to other noises from the vehicle itself or from other noises in the environment. The Exterior Sound Simulator enables engineers and sound designers to listen to external vehicle sounds in the correct context, with all other sounds from the vehicle (tire noise, fans, and autonomous-enabling sensor equipment) and from the environment and traffic. 

But we shouldn’t forget about internal-combustion engine vehicles yet. There are still many sports cars and other vehicles that need that distinctive exhaust note, but are challenged by ever-decreasing maximum noise thresholds for pass-by noise requirements. Using the NVH Simulator and the Exterior Sound Simulator software together with CAE results of exhaust system design, multiple exhaust systems can be assessed both for interior sound quality and exterior sound quality, even before a single prototype exhaust system is produced. 

Everything that the NVH Simulator technology can achieve for interior vehicle sound can be applied to exterior vehicle sound. Assess multiple sound options back to back. Change the ambient level of environmental sound. Change the amount and content of traffic, including the sound generated by the other vehicles. Adjust sound levels, apply filters to change the sound character, a/b compare changes, all in real-time.  The full suite of Jury Evaluation tools in the NVH Simulator can be used with Exterior Sound Simulator assessments to capture customer and stakeholder preference. 


  • Automatic correction of environment effects – doppler shift, distance correction, etc. 
  • Binaural or 3D sound replay 
  • User-definable traffic sound and behavior 
  • Modify sounds to create alternatives using the full suite of sound modification and filtering tools 
  • NVH Simulator Jury evaluation modules can be utilized together with the Exterior Sound Simulator to perform controlled listening studies  
Included with the Exterior Sound Simulator is an urban scenario complete with intersections, traffic lights, cross-walks, sidewalks and parking lots. Soundscape features such as ambient noise, traffic noise, cross-walk audio indicators and others can be used in the simulation. The observer can be stationary or moving, and even effects of head turning are accounted for. Sound is accurately synthesized and produced at the observer position, taking into account the head-related transfer function and the factors of the moving vehicles such as speed, load, RPM and distance from the observer. Doppler shift and source attenuation due to distance and change of distance are part of the sound calculation. 


  • EV / Hybrid / quiet vehicle AVAS sound development
  • EV sound character development
  • External exhaust sound quality development
  • Autonomous vehicle external sound quality
  • Back-to-back benchmark comparisons with competitive vehicles
  • Non-expert exterior sound design assessment by customers, management and marketing
  • Tuning sound design options on the desktop to be optimized in relation to vehicle, traffic and environmental noise


  • Build and experience the exterior sound of NVH virtual prototypes
  • Increase confidence in exterior sound design decisions early in the development process
  • Rapidly assess exterior sound performance in multiple sound environments
  • Experience the exterior sound, assess in multiple environments, long before the first physical prototypes are produced
  • Listen to exterior sound designs in the right context
  • Listen to your CAE data, incorporate CAE data into the virtual NVH prototype for exterior sound assessment
  • Assess and experience exterior vehicle sounds any time, no need to coordinate vehicle availability, track time and weather
  • Understand the exterior sound design of the vehicle through full control of the sound

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