Bringing Sound and Vibration Data to Life

How do you know what the complete vehicle will actually sound like when you look at plots, graphs and numbers from CAE results, targets and component-level measurements?

How do you effectively communicate the impact of NVH design decisions and options to decision makers?

How do you create an immersive soundscape that embodies and projects the brand’s essence, and know what the experience will be, without a physical prototype to drive?

To truly comprehend NVH data, it needs to be experienced as sound and vibration. But how do you bring together data from many sources, in different formats, and for multiple components, and assemble a single digital virtual prototype that can be listened to, felt and driven interactively?

VI-NVHSim software brings NVH data to life by immersing users in sound and vibration experiences, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle's acoustic landscape.

It fuels all VI-grade NVH Simulators, spanning DESKTOP, COMPACT, COMPACT FSS, STATIC, On-road, Exterior, and full-motion DYNAMIC Simulators. Moreover, VI-NVHSim functions as a standalone tool on laptops, facilitating model preparation and analysis independently of simulator hardware.

As an open platform, it seamlessly integrates with third-party applications, including sound design toolsets, vehicle performance models, SiL, and HiL applications. Its versatility extends across various simulator types, ensuring a flexible and encompassing approach to NVH simulation and analysis.

VI-NVHSim seamlessly connects in real-time to other VI-grade software solutions, including VI-DriveSim, VI-WorldSim, and VI-CarRealTime, along with Simulink and other real-time software solutions.

This capability facilitates the integration of real-time performance models, accommodating driving simulators of varying sizes and configurations. The software supports multi-attribute simulation, mirroring the capabilities of VI-grade FSS simulators.

Widely adopted by major automakers and recognized as the de facto standard for NVH design and experiential simulation, VI-NVHSim has become the industry standard for designing and refining the sound and vibration characteristics of vehicles.


  • Virtual prototyping of NVH at any stage of the vehicle design process
  • Setting NVH targets before physical prototyping, and cascading targets down to individual components
  • Competitor vehicle benchmarking
  • Powertrain sound quality assessment throughout development
  • Non-expert NVH assessment by customers, management and marketing
  • Helping computer-aided engineering (CAE) analysts understand the impact of design changes on the NVH characteristics of the vehicle
  • Tuning active sound design systems (electronic sound enhancement)


  • Build and experience the sound and vibration of NVH virtual prototypes, including traditional IC-engine vehicle, EVs, hybrids or vehicles with any type of propulsion system
  • Increase confidence in the NVH decision-making process
  • Drive and assess new vehicles well in advance of first physical prototypes
  • Rapidly test multiple driving conditions and part load conditions for powertrain sound quality
  • Listen to you CAE data, incorporate CAE data in the NVH Simulator virtual prototype
  • Combine and experience data from multiple sources, including in-vehicle and test bench recordings, and multiple CAE analysis result types
  • Drive any vehicle in the database at any time, no need to coordinate vehicle availability, track time and weather for drive assessments
  • Understand and design the NVH of the vehicle through full control of the sound

Software Components

  • VI-NVHSim Core application for creating and experiencing virtual NVH prototypes.
  • VI-NVHSim Toolbox: Toolset for additional data preparation functions, included with VI-NVHSim
  • VI-NVHSim CAE Auditioner: Ingests CAE data from various applications and formats, included with VI-NVHSim
  • VI-NVHSim Jury: Conducts jury studies to compare sound profiles, vehicle NVH designs, and preferences.
  • VI-NVHSim Data Prep: Ingests and prepares measurement data for real-time simulation, included with VI-NVHSim Data Prep.
  • VI-NVHSim Performance Data Preparation: Creates performance models from measured data or physics parameters.
  • VI-NVHSim Exterior Toolbox: Enables the Exterior Sound Simulator.
  • VI-NVHSim XiL Streaming Bridge: Universal interface for sound design SIL and HIL applications.
  • VI-NVHSim QNX LiveAmp Interface: Real-time interface for QNX LiveAmp sound design software.
  • VI-NVH Insight: Focuses on listening and modifying fixed-playback conditions of CAE-generated or measured NVH data.
  • VI-SimSound: Utilizes VI-NVHSim sound models on any driving simulator.

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