Virtually test HMI-related software on the driving simulator

Driving simulators are an ideal development tool for:
  • exploring new HMI concepts
  • validating prototypes in realistic driving missions
  • collecting feedback from a large and diverse group of users.
The VI-Dashboard software addresses and solves many of the constraints development engineers face due to limited access to development versions of vehicle infotainment software from OEMs and Tier1 suppliers. Limitations such as:
  • The approval of the graphic layout and menu structure is frequently executed on static concepts
  • The first “live” version only becomes available after the actual development took place
  • The development is often assigned to external suppliers, who are responsible for both software and hardware of the onboard HMI/Infotainment
VI-grade’s VI-Dashboard Software lets users derive a configuration from the regular HMI software development process that doesn’t require embedded hardware.

The VI-Dashboard software is a solution aimed to improving the workflow for all customers relying on the Qt for Automotive platform.

VI-Dashboard is also a runtime player for the layout generated by Qt Design Studio.
VI-Dashboard lets you drive multiple interactive displays installed in the driving simulator cockpit so you can:
  • Display information
  • Adjust parameters (including all parameters related to Simulink models deployed in SIMulation Workbench)
  • Collect user inputs
Best of all, VI-Dashboard is natively connected with VI-DriveSim and is fully controllable by VI-DriveSim. This lets you benefit from a common dashboard format across all of VI-grade' family of driving simulators.

VI-Dashboard is VI-grade's solution to enable virtual HMI assessment and optimization earlier in the design process.


  • Passenger instrumentation cluster
    • ICE
    • Electric
    • Hybrid
    • ADAS
    • Racing
    • ...
  • Infotainment touch panel
    • Vehicle setup
    • ADAS setup
    • ...


  • Perform early HMI concepts validations on driving simulators
  • Validate HMI scenarios in combination with vehicle dynamics development earlier in the design process
  • Investigate and understand in detail the levels of human acceptance of new driving technologies
  • Perform HMI studies and optimizations on the Driving Simulator, minimizing the need of physical testing

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