DiM150 & DiM250 DYNAMIC Simulator

The family of turn-key, yet open driver-in-the-loop simulators

DiM, the family of turn-key, yet open driver-in-the-loop simulators from VI-grade, provides automotive engineers with a complete set of innovative, integrated driving simulators for a new generation approach to system-level simulation, allowing companies to bridge the gap between testing and simulation.

The dynamic configuration provides motion feedback to the driver thanks to an innovative nine-degrees-of-freedom moving platform with reduced dimensions and larger displacements.


DiM150 worldwide installations

DiM250 worldwide installations
Our engineers went beyond the basic six actuators design to provide a larger workspace while maintaining high stiffness.  This allows the system to be more relevant for low as well as for high frequencies which characterize automotive chassis design.

By dividing and conquering the problem, it is now possible to study both vehicle dynamics and ride on the same motion platform with DiM Driving Simulators.

DiM150 is already successfully installed at leading automotive OEMs, motorsport teams and engineering service providers. It is an award-winning Driving Simulator for integrated active & passive vehicle dynamics and ride development, as well as for ADAS and NVH applications.  Thanks to its architecture, the DiM® captures low and high frequency performance for combined dynamics.

  • Standard workspace
  • Typical steady-state accelerations (tested on several situations by many expert users)
  • Good immersion (standard 7m cylindrical screen)
  • Class leading velocity and acceleration performances

    DiM250 features the same architecture and performance as the DiM150, however, with extended linear actuators for increased travel of the tripod. This motion platform is suitable for applications which require longer time exposure to steady state accelerations. The longer time exposure corresponds to larger platform movement to cover the driver reaction time. Like the DiM150, the DiM250 comes with a fixed screen, thus ensuring the best possible visual immersion quality.

    • More workspace (longer tripod actuators)
    • Longer steady-state accelerations (better acceptance of driving simulator by unexperienced users)
    • Better immersion (bigger 8/9m conical screen)
    • Same class leading velocity and acceleration performances on bigger workspace


        Vehicle Dynamics
        • Chassis tuning (vehicle dynamic targets)
        • Tire development
        • Driver’s training
        • Control system design (SIL & HIL)
        Ride & Comfort
        • Chassis tuning (Ride & Comfort targets)
        • A to B comparison
        • ​Off-line results (from experimental test and/or multibody simulations) playback
        ADAS & AV
        • ADAS development & verification (AEB, LKA, ACC, …)
        • Dangerous maneuvers simulation
        • AV algorithms development & verification
        • HMI studies
        • Driver’s distraction and monitoring
        • ​Human – systems interactions
        • Race set up
        • Hybrid and race strategy
        • Driver’s training
        • Car development

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