Evaluate driver's reactions and level of discomfort in all possible driving conditions both on the Driving Simulator and on the real vehicle

New technologies will make cars safer and more efficient than ever, however to get there a major obstacle needs to be overcome: human trust and acceptance of such technologies.

Cars have always and only been driven by humans, it is them who control car behavior. Today, ADAS technologies are responsible for the transition from being the driver to being a passenger, totally relying on the on-board computer: this can be rather stressful!

In order to achieve high acceptance rates, the automotive industry has to embrace all the factors that guarantee comfort to occupants of autonomous transportation. To reach this goal, it is mandatory to monitor human reactions and perceptions, while performing tests in a safe environment with specific representative, repeatable and controlled scenarios.

Investigating and understanding in detail the levels of human acceptance of new driving technologies provides automotive engineers with essential data to design ever-better cars.

This is why VI-grade has designed and created an innovative set of tools capable of recording and evaluating human reactions and body responses to a specific driving scenario: we track your emotions!

To define the stress levels of driver and passengers, VI-BioTelemetry includes a heart rate measuring device and gloves equipped with sensors that measure skin response. Additionally, a series of cameras (supplied by SmartEye AB) can be added to the dashboard, to record detailed eye movement.

VI-BioTelemetry combines dedicated hardware and software equipment for data collection and processing. These components are fully integrated within all VI-grade driving simulator solutions. 

Entering the world of biotelemetry with VI-grade is easy and immediate. Motorsport teams, car manufacturers and suppliers, universities, research and development institutes can all benefit from using VI-BioTelemetry.

VI-BioTelemetry has been developed with the cooperation of the following research partners:



    • Investigate and understand in detail the levels of human acceptance of new driving technologies
    • Record and evaluate human reactions and body responses to a specific driving scenario
    • Perform HMI studies and optimizations on the Driving Simulator, minimizing the need of physical testing


    • Take it easy: Get access to a complete and comprehensive sensors package for human signal monitoring
    • Be accurate: Implement a comprehensive set of tools for data treatment, analysis and interpretation
    • Feel safer than ever: Use VI-grade driving simulators to conduct safe surveys and human acceptance studies within a fully integrated solution

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