In recent years, the automotive industry has entered the era of CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared, Electric) and the digital development environment for vehicles has also greatly evolved. In addition, as the vehicle itself is a highly complex system, its verification has to be carried out at a very early stage, so virtual prototyping has become much more used in the engineering process.

As of today, there are several dynamic driving simulators (DiM) installed in the world by VI-grade, mainly at European customers; many use cases related to the daily application of these simulators have been presented at our international conferences held each year in Europe.

Given the rapid expansion of the scope of applications and the high accuracy of results obtainable through simulation, we are happy to announce the 1st Conference dedicated to driving simulators in Japan. This opportunity will help contribute to the innovation of automobile digital development by sharing practical case studies and actively exchanging technology showcases for Japanese automotive companies and research institutes.

近年の自動車産業は、本格的なCASE(Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared, Electric)の時代に突入し、車両のデジタル開発環境も大きく進化して参りました。また、車両自体が高度に複雑化したシステムの為、その検証も非常に早い段階で行う必要があることから、バーチャルプロト開発への指向も強くなって来ました。




The 2019 VI-grade Japan Users Conference, dedicated to executive managers and experienced engineers belonging to Japanese automotive and transportation companies, engineering firms and universities and research centers will be held on October 30th, 2019 at the Tokyo Conference Center located in Shinagawa.

2019年10月30日に品川区にある東京コンファレンスセンターにて、日本の自動車メーカーおよびサプライヤー、エンジニアリング会社、大学および研究センターに所属する管理職および経験豊富なエンジニアを対象とする2019年VI-grade Japan User Conferenceが開催されます。


The event will feature keynote and technical presentations from Japanese automotive manufacturers, suppliers and research centers as well as a representation of main European automotive customers that are currently utilizing VI-grade's driving simulator technologies. The official program of the event is available here.

“The VI-grade Conference is where companies that bridge the gap between testing and simulation meet and exchange ideas”
Guido Bairati, VP Global Sales

このイベントでは、日本の自動車メーカー、サプライヤー、研究センターからの基調講演や技術プレゼンテーション、そして現在VI-grade のドライビングシミュレータ技術を利用しているヨーロッパの主要自動車顧客の代表が講演されます。イベントの公式プログラムはこちらです。

「VI-grade Conferenceは、実験と解析の融合を目指す企業が集まって意見を交換する場所です。」Guido Bairati、グローバルセールス担当副社長