VI-grade Announces Winner of Virtual Formula 2009 Competition


Marburg, June 9th, 2009 – VI-grade GmbH, the leading provider of best-in-class products and services to bridge the gap between real world testing and technical simulation, today announced today announced the winner of the Virtual Formula 2009, competition built upon the rules and regulations of the popular Formula SAE and Formula Student and based on the usage of VI-Motorsport. The ultimate goal of the Virtual Formula 2009 initiative was to optimize the dynamic behavior of the virtual model of the car and to determine its best performance on the autocross track.

In a strong competition against 17 other teams from all over the world, the Sicily Team Motorsport from the University of Catania, Sicily (Italy) has won the championship. Below is a listing of the top 6 ranking teams that have received no penalty and have fully complied with the rules and regulations of the competition:

  • Sicily Team Motorsport, Università degli Studi di Catania
  • MDRG Racing, Università di Padova
  • Sophia Racing, Sophia University Tokyo
  • Dynamics Polimi Reparto Corse, Politecnico di Milano
  • Squadra Corse, Politecnico di Torino
  • Pomos Reparto Corse, Università di Roma, La Sapienza

“VI-Grade Virtual Formula is a powerful educational tool to increase knowledge of our students in vehicle dynamics”, declared Prof. Gabriele Fichera, faculty advisor of Sicily Team Motorsport and teacher of Vehicle Dynamics. “This solution gives our students the possibility to quickly estimate the effects of such vehicle set-up parameters (related to suspensions, body, brakes, etc.) on car performance and lap time, and to better understand the sensitivity of parameter variation with respect to the final goal (best lap-time).”

“The participation of our team to the VI-Grade Virtual Formula competition was a stimulating experience that helped us to improve the design process of our car, assessing values of variables that were still uncertain in the early design stage” declared Luca Fisichella, 3rd year mechanical engineering student, driver and multibody model developer. “This study will give us the opportunity to realize a better real car and optimize cost allocation to develop those subsystems and parameters having the strongest influence on track lap-time.”

The next competition will start soon and VI-grade is looking forward to welcoming a growing number of participating teams.

About VI-Motorsport

VI-Motorsport is an interactive simulation environment for vehicle modeling and dynamic analysis, which helps race cars designers and track engineers to predict vehicle performance when set-up parameters are modified, before the car is built and also in support of race events. VI-Motorsport is based on a dynamic faster-than-real-time simulation solver which can predict the virtual car behavior and has been extensively validated against test data in various race car series. VI-Motorsport allows to create road data files for tire contact and driverline targets represented through analytical description, GPS, laser or telemetry data measurements. Thanks to VI-grade proprietary advanced driver algorithms, users can drive their vehicle models on a track section or on an entire lap, in order to detect the limits of the car.

About VI-grade

VI-grade GmbH is the leading provider of best-in-class software products and services for advanced applications in the field of system level simulation. VI-grade, established in 2005, delivers innovative solutions to streamline the development process from concept to sign-off in the transportation industry,mainly automotive, aerospace, motorcycle, motorsports and railways. With office locations in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the USA, VI-grade is a young and growing company with a highly skilled technical team.

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