At VI-grade, we develop software products and we provide engineering services that allow our railway customers to perform a broad range of applications that go from design and optimization of bogie components and subsystems to performance analysis of a complete vehicle (stability, comfort, curving, safety, wear prediction and so on) of passenger trains for short- and long-distance travel as well as for freight transportation.

Our railway products are based on state-of-the-art multibody simulation product Adams from MSC Software and on specialistic and advanced technology for wheel/rail contact modeling provided by third-party partners. Our solutions enable to perform fast and reliable simulations, to help engineers to meet today's challenges of the railway industry and to reduce time-to-market.

VI-grade solutions allow to perform the following applications:

Suspension design/optimization
Wear prediction
Stability analysis
Bridge crossing
Curving negotiationTraction and braking
Ride and comfortSwitch crossing
Design of experimentsMulti-objective optimization
Powertrain and driveline
Freight transportation
Accident reconstruction

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