A new, user-friendly, fully integrated graphic environment that accelerates vehicle development offline and on Driving Simulators

VI-WorldSim  expands your driving simulator's capability with realistic, multi-agent AI traffic behavior and sensor fusion.

Because VI-WorldSim is fully integrated into VI-DriveSim, it supports all VI-grade driving simulators and elevates traditional track modeling to a higher level of realism based on the UNREAL graphic engine.

The VI-WorldSim package is also available as a stand-alone product, so it can be used independently from VI-DriveSim to focus on offline experiments. It also adds the features needed to test on CAV sites, urban environments and public roads for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle Testing.

Featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive desktop editor, rich test environments can be quickly built incorporating traffic simulation, pedestrians, animals, lightning, weather and more

Cars, pedestrians and animals are AI-driven actors who follow the normal routes or can be controlled by defining specific behaviors, letting you customize and test scenarios specific to your vehicle development program.
Additionally, popular EuroNCAP 2021 tests are preconfigured and included for your use. Simply bring your ego vehicle and control models to VI-WorldSim, click on the desired test you want, and go!

VI-WorldSim provides users with a single engine that can accommodate:
  • All different types of environments
  • All different types of simulations
  • All different types of disciplines
In short, VI-WorldSim is an ideal tool that enables immersive subjective feel and feedback. The software universally supports all VI-grade’s Driving Simulators, is currently available in multiple configurations, and is now also available for offline usage.


  • Chassis development
  • Driver training
  • CAV test site and public road testing of ADAS and AV
  • Mcity testing
  • EuroNCAP testing


  • Single high quality graphic engine
  • Driving Simulator based to enable subjective feel and feedback
  • Fully integrated into VI-DriveSim
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Powerful traffic and agents including different vehicles, pedestrians, animals, etc.
  • Preconfigured EuroNCAP scenarios
  • Popular sensor types supported and Ground truth

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